CNC Precision Milling

CNC Milling 

Our CNC milling process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as 1 day. We use 3-axis milling and 4-axis indexed milling processes to manufacture parts from more than 30 engineering-grade plastics and metals.

How Does CNC Milling Work?

We have multiple toolsets based on efficient cutters for a particular plastic or metal material. The machine then rapidly mills parts out of the block in a subtractive manufacturing process that uses either 3- or 4-axis milling.

Machined plastic parts are left as-milled, which typically means they show visible tool marks. Some metal parts allow more finishing choices. When the run is complete and your required surface finish is applied, parts are boxed and shipped shortly thereafter.


CNC Precision Milling Services,Borui as a leader for over 15 years, has been providing CNC milling services for the production of small, medium, and large parts with exacting dimensions and tolerances.Offers precision CNC Milling services for multiple industries and wide reaching applications.

Borui can expertly carry out a full set of machining processes with accuracy and consistency including milling, drilling, thread forming, countersinking, pocketing, others. Materials including Alloy Steels, Aluminum,bar stock,brass, bronze, copper , plastics and others

Borui believe that good products are produced , but it is important to examine ,we take quality control very seriously, CMM for digital inspection, CPK&SPC, and some other physical tests.. Other services we offer include reverse engineering, assembly, pressing, welding, and painting to name a few. For more information about how our CNC milling services can benefit your next project, please see the table below, or contact us for more information.


Milling Processes Boring Profiling
Counterboring Reaming
Countersinking Tapping
Drilling Threading
Materials Alloy Steels Bronze
Aluminum Cst Iron
Bar Stock Stainless Steel
Brass Steel Forgings
Equipment Used CNC Vertical Machining Centers
CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
Machinery Axes 4
Length Up to 72 in
Width Up to 30 in
Height Up to 25 in
Tolerances ±0.0002in
Production VOlume Prototype
Medium Volume
High Volume